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When you rent from us...
You'll have your choice of accomodations and destinations. If you prefer a quieter, more intimate resort, we rccommend staying in Riviera Maya. Our other destination, Nuevo Vallarta, is similar to Riviera Maya but on a much grander scale. To get a taste of what makes each Grand Luxxe destination unique, browse our website or go to to see the official website.

Our level of ownership at The Grand Luxxe Residence Club entitles us to 2 similar, yet different types of units: The 2-Bedroom Villa and the 2-Bedroom Spa Suite.  Each unit has it's own appeal and style of decor, the 2-Bedroom Villa being slightly larger.  Each unit includes a full gourment kitchen, living and dining room, 2 large master baths and a powder room, an expansive, furnished, private terrace with plunge pool, and much more.  For details about each unit, click one of the links below.

Enjoy a Little Time In Mexico!

At the most exclusive, luxurious resort in the entire country, if not the world.  Vidanta's Grand Luxxe is the epitome of style and luxury for the discerning traveler, which is why both locations, Rivieara Maya and Nuevo Vallarta, have been awarded AAA's prestigious 5-Diamond rating.  With it's lavish accomodations, exquisitely manicured grounds, incredible architecture, world class restaurants and top notch service, it's like no other place on Earth.

Whether You're a veteran luxury traveler or just want to treat yourself to something special, The Grand Luxxe offers an extraordinary experience, unparalleled beauty, and an incredible staff to make your stay memorable in every way.

As members, we are offering either our 2-bedroom Spa Suite or our 2-bedroom Villa for for one or two weeks each year, at either of the two Grand Luxxe destinations, Nuevo Vallarta or Riviera Maya.

As our guests, you will be provided access to a myriad of Grand Luxxe exclusive amenities that the rest of the resort guests cannot use.  This includes access to the gorgeous new Beach Club in Riviera Maya, the Punta Pools in Nuevo Vallarta, Spatium Spa and The Grand Luxxe Pools at either location, concierge service, private beaches and much more.